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Family-life Enrichment 

We welcome couples and other adult friends to our sessions on marriage and family-life enrichment! These weekend- or week-long events are all about strengthening marriages and inspiring hope.

The sessions give couples a time and place to talk about family dynamics and share tools to strengthen their marriages. These are also perfect settings for persons contemplating marriage, or for couples whose marriages may be under stress. What better thing to do than to invest some time in the happiness of your loved ones and that of yourself.

On the broader spectrum, family-life events address themes like, Christian dating, sibling rivalry, parenting challenges, care for aging parents, divorce and remarriage, traumatic life experiences, marital abuse, death and grief challenges, love and sexual intimacy and so on.

Our family-life events are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Our discussions are led by experienced professionals, are family friendly, biblically rooted, and designed to enrich your life spiritually. Contact us for the next family life event.

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